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The Benefits of Creating Remote Work Options for Employees

Rudler is proud to provide the option to work remotely for employees who live in other cities or states.

James Ray, a CPA and Tax Manager for Rudler, PSC, knew numbers would factor into his career at an early age. Growing up with his mother working as a bookkeeper, James as well as his brother often found themselves hanging around her office, helping to file items and complete other odd jobs. Discovering he was also skilled in mathematics, he decided to focus his studies in accounting upon enrolling at Texas A&M.

Born and raised in West Texas, James’ journey to Rudler began in a rather unique fashion. He ran into an acquaintance with whom he had several mutual connections and discovered the man had recently started his own recruiting company with a knack for finding CPAs virtual jobs. With the COVID-19 pandemic making things a bit hectic for James and his wife Erin, a veterinarian, the chance to work remotely for a reputable firm was one he could not pass up.

“The recruiter I was working with affirmed that work/life balance and a family friendly atmosphere was key to the environment at Rudler. After becoming familiar with my background and personality, he thought the firm would be a good fit just based on their reputation,” said James.

James and his wife now live in College Station, Texas where his wife, Erin, works as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Primary Care teaching fourth year veterinary students at Texas A&M. James is thrilled to be working remotely for Rudler – in addition to getting to continue to enjoy his Aggies season tickets, he is also able to stay involved at the church his family attends while spending time with his extended family.

“Working remotely for a firm that’s several states away, I was kind of nervous. While I’m still somewhat of a people person, I really like the flexibility that fully remote work offers,” James says. “Everyone at Rudler has been helpful across all the different levels and departments. It’s been a great experience so far.”

Discover how Rudler, PSC’s remote working options and available job opportunities can help you find a career you’ll love by contacting Rebecca Lenihan, SHRM-CP, Human Resources Manager today at (859) 331-1717.