Latest Covid-19 Relief Updates: Round up of Key Information

This past year has been one of the more challenging we have faced. Going forward, for as long as it’s useful, we will bring you a regular round up of relevant COVID-19 relief information highlighting what you need to know to manage through this crisis. Click here for key updates. Checklists for Paycheck Protection Credits […]

How to Step-Up Your Internal Communications

With the current job market, there is a lot of pressure on companies to retain their current employees and look as appealing as possible. One of the many factors that should be considered by companies is internal communications. Just ask When business owners get caught off guard by workforce issues, the problem often is that […]

Are you eligible for the medical expense deduction?

You may pay out a bundle in out-of-pocket medical costs each year. But can you deduct them on your tax return? It’s possible but not easy. Medical expenses can be claimed as a deduction only to the extent your unreimbursed costs exceed 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. Plus, medical expenses are deductible only if […]

Tax Deferral with Like Kind Exchanges

A like kind exchange is a tax strategy in which the taxpayer is able to defer a tax gain of a commercial or investment real estate property by exchanging the property, rather than selling it. This strategy is very beneficial and attractive with the current real estate market. A like-kind exchange is any exchange of […]

Reviewing your strategic plan and looking forward

For business owners, the end of one year and the beginning of another is always an optimal time to look back on the preceding 12 calendar months and ask a deceptively simple question: How did we do? Large companies tend to have thoroughly documented strategic plans in place. Some stretch years into the future. These […]

Are you a gig Worker? If so, are you meeting your tax obligations?

In an August 2021 survey, the Pew Research Center found that 16% of Americans have earned money at some time through online gig platforms. This includes providing car rides, shopping for groceries, walking dogs, performing household tasks, running errands and making deliveries from a restaurant or store. In this article Rudler, PSC will go over […]

Standard Business Mileage Rate Increase

The IRS recently announced that the cents-per-mile rate for the business use of a car, van, pickup or panel truck will be 58.5 cents (up from 56 cents for 2021).The increased tax deduction partly reflects the price of gasoline. According to AAA Gas Prices on December 21, 2021, the national average price of a gallon […]

Important Traits of a Successful Salesperson

It’s nearing that time for business owners to review the performance of the company throughout the year. While reviewing the numbers, think about your people, too. To achieve success in 2022, you’ll need a strong sales team in place. However, it’s a difficult time to hire skilled salespeople. So, you don’t want to be too […]

How to Claim Your Student Loan Interest Deduction

Taxpayers may deduct interest paid on student loans from federal adjusted gross income. This deduction could save you a significant amount of money, but you need to know how the deduction works so you can make sure to claim it properly. The deduction is phased out if your adjusted gross income (AGI) exceeds certain levels, […]