Latest Covid-19 Relief Updates: Round up of Key Information

This past year has been one of the more challenging we have faced. Going forward, for as long as it’s useful, we will bring you a regular round up of relevant COVID-19 relief information highlighting what you need to know to manage through this crisis. Click here for key updates. Checklists for Paycheck Protection Credits […]

Taking your succession planning a step further

Planning out how your business will transition to new ownership can and should happen early on to insure the transition goes as smooth as possible. But if you want to take your succession plan to the next level, consider expanding its scope beyond ownership. Your succession plan could include any employee who’s considered indispensable and […]

Things to consider if your employer provides life insurance

At first glance, employer-provided life insurance –specifically group term life insurance– seems like a very desired fringe benefit. However, this benefit could actually be costing you money if the coverage is higher than $50,000.   Tax on income you don’t receive The first $50,000 of group term life insurance coverage that your employer provides is […]

Guidance for small business owners and divorce

The last thing on one’s mind during a divorce is probably taxes, however, how you handle your assets during the separation could greatly affect the amount you pay in taxes. This is especially true for business owners where many assets are involved.   Tax-free property transfers You can generally divide most assets, including cash and […]

Don’t let COBRA sneak up and bite you! The IRS has released additional guidance to clarify COBRA under ARPA

The IRS recently issued guidance on the COBRA premium assistance provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act in notice 2021-46. If your business is required to offer COBRA coverage, it’s important to mind the details of the subsidies and a related tax credit. Here are some highlights of the additional guidance.   Under the ARPA, […]

Do you have a family member that is blind or a person with a disability? ABLE accounts may be able to help

ABLE accounts are a tax free account that can be used for disability related expenses. They can be an effective toll to help family members without having them lose eligibility for the government benefits they are entitled to.   Who is eligible? ABLE accounts can be created by eligible individuals to support themselves, by family […]

What to know before you guarantee a loan to your corporation

Guaranteeing a loan for your closely held corporation can have some major tax consequences. Before you agree to be the guarantor, endorser or indemnitor of your corporations you must be aware of the pitfalls this may entail. Let Rudler PSC protect your blindside to help prevent those sacks that can put you on the sideline.