What businesses can expect from a green lease

One continuing subject in the national news is climate change and the events relating to it. As a business owner, relocating to a commercial property with a “green lease” might be a way to decrease your companies’ negative environmental impact. Increasing demand Green leases are sometimes also known as “aligned,” “energy-efficient” or “high-performance” leases. Whatever […]

Could you benefit from a Health Savings Account?

As health care costs rise, many people are looking for more cost-effective ways to pay for their expenses. One solution that is tax-favorable is a Health Savings Account (HSA). This allows eligible individuals (or an employer) to set aside funds to meet future medical needs. Below are four tax benefits of an HSA: Contributions made […]

Tax Factors of M&A Transactions

Lately, in many industries, there has been more and more merger and acquisitions. One of the most important things to take into account if you are considering a merger or acquisition of another business is how the transaction will be taxed. Stocks vs. assets From a tax standpoint, a transaction can basically be structured in […]

Strategic Planning Meetings: 4 best practices for an effective plan

It’s not uncommon for employees to grumble about having to attend too many meetings. Sometimes they have a fair complaint; an excessive number of meetings can become a problem at some companies. However, there’s one kind of meeting that business owners and their leadership teams should never take lightly: strategic planning. That doesn’t mean you […]

Experiencing high fluctuation in your investment accounts? Learn about the potential tax impact

If your investments have fluctuated wildly this year, you may have already recognized some significant gains and losses in your account. However, nothing is decided tax-wise until year end when the final results of your trades will reveal your 2023 tax situation. Here’s what you need to know to avoid tax surprises. Tax-favored retirement accounts […]

Special Tax Issues Facing Spouse-run Businesses

Do you operate a profitable unincorporated small business with your spouse? If so, you may face some challenging tax issues. The partnership issue An unincorporated business with your spouse is classified as a partnership for federal income tax purposes, unless you can avoid that treatment. Otherwise, you must file an annual partnership return, on Form […]

Could interim financial reporting benefit your business?

When many business owners see the term “financial reporting,” they immediately think of year-end. While properly prepared financial statements generated at least once a year are necessary, more frequent reporting could provide additional insights into the business. Below we will discuss the benefits of interim financial reporting and how it could assist your business. Spot […]

Depreciation Update – Business Assets

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act liberalized the rules for depreciating business assets. However, due to inflation adjustments these amounts change every year. The high inflation affected the 2023 adjustments. These adjustments include section 179 deductions, heavy SUVS, first-year bonus depreciation, and more. Here are the changes that you need to know. Section 179 deductions […]

Evaluating and fine-tuning your marketing approach

As summer transitions into fall, it’s a prudent time for business owners and their leadership teams to assess the effectiveness of their marketing strategy for the year. How well is your strategy performing? There’s still time to make necessary tweaks to meet your sales targets. What success looks like The simple question you might ask […]