Executive fraud is on the rise!

Fraud can happen in just about any Company. Occupational fraud can be defined as crimes committed by employees against the organizations that they work for. The most dangerous variation of fraud is executive fraud which is defined as, wrongdoings by those in the C-Suite. While your leadership team is likely made up of trustworthy colleagues, […]

It is time to review your R&E strategy of your business

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 was signed into law, but it’s still having an impact on many businesses. Several provisions in the law have expired or will expire in the next few years. One provision that ended is the deductibility for research and experimental (R&E) expenses. R&E expenses The TCJA has […]

Don’t let your sales staff exist on their own islands. Learn how to create a multi-dimensional sales team.

Creating a multifunctional sales team. Most often than not, business owners are worried about teams working independently rather than collectively to reach organizational goals., Rather, than working in a bubble, it is most beneficial to share best practices amongst a multifunctional team. Among the most damaging effects of having silos within a business is poor […]

Advertising might be more important than ever, let’s make sure these expenses are deductible.

Advertising expenses both “ordinary and necessary”, should be protected. Advertising and marketing expenses have become extremely important to many businesses due to the increasing number of advertising media that are available in today’s market. It is evident that consistent advertisement has become the new norm. However, in order to be deductible, advertising and marketing expenses […]

You won your lawsuit! Is your settlement tax-free?

There are few exceptions to including income received on your tax return. One of these exceptions is amounts received from a lawsuit or settlement for “personal physical injuries or physical sickness”. However, not all lawsuit and settlement awards are tax-free. For example, punitive damages and awards for unlawful discrimination or harassment are taxable. The tax […]

Do you need a new vehicle for your business? Consider looking at a heavy SUV for tax advantages.

A heavy SUV may provide a better tax break than a smaller vehicle would. Smaller vehicles are depreciated differently from heavy SUV’s, so an SUV may be a sensible choice for your new business vehicle. Depreciation rules Business cars are subject to more restrictive tax depreciation rules than those that apply to other depreciable assets. […]