Can’t teach an old dog new tricks!? We beg to differ!

Businesses in nearly every industry are feeling the strain of The Great Resignation. Finding people willing to do the job can often be very difficult – solving nuclear fusion might feel easier to do than finding quality employees. One area of the hiring pool that many businesses overlook is older workers. If your company still […]

Weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now?!

Since the only thing flying high are gas prices, the IRS has increased the mileage deduction for the remainder of 2022.   We have all felt the impact of the massive increase in fuel costs. This has affected small businesses especially hard. the average nationwide price of a gallon of unleaded regular gas on June […]

Some corporations can be qualified for the dividends-received deduction. Is your corporation eligible?

C corporations that collect dividends have a beneficial tax deduction available to them. It is called the “dividends-received deduction” and it lessens or potentially diminishes the extra level of tax on dividends that a corporation can receive. This results in the corporation’s tax rate on dividends being lower than their rate on capital gains. Ordinarily, […]

Security for employees’ retirement based on new law.

To start the new year, Congress has made considerable changes to individual retirement savings, whether it be with an IRA or other plan. With the passing of the SECURE ACT, these four changes have been made to individual retirement plans. As we head into a new year, the federal government has made beneficial legislative changes […]