Crucial 2024 Adjusted Tax Figures Considering Inflation for Individuals

Navigating the tax landscape requires a keen understanding of the 2024 inflation-adjusted figures, especially for individuals. The standard deduction, a fundamental element for those who don’t itemize, sees notable increases. Additional allowances apply for older taxpayers and the visually impaired. Furthermore, this article delves into key thresholds for ordinary income, short-term capital gains, long-term capital […]

Crucial 2024 Tax Guidelines for Small Businesses and Their Owners, Accounting for Inflation

Navigating the intricacies of taxation is a critical aspect for small business owners, especially those operating as sole proprietorships or pass-through entities like LLCs, partnerships, or S corporations. The net ordinary income generated by these businesses flows through to the individual owner’s personal Form 1040, subjecting them to the federal income tax rates. As we […]

Determine if your business falls under new reporting rules in 2024

Under the newly signed Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) many businesses will have a new reporting requirement this year. Under this new act, if your business is deemed a “reporting Company” you may fall under the Beneficial Ownership Information reporting rules beginning in 2024 Who’s who? A reporting company includes any corporation, limited liability company or […]

Restricted stock awards and how they are taxed.

Instead of stock option awards companies have started offering restricted stock awards. Restricted stock awards are popular because stock options can lose their value overtime. If your restricted stock loses value overtime, your company can issue more shares to make up for the loss in value. Restricted stock awards can be a great way to […]

Which entity is right for your small business?

Whether you are restructuring your current business or starting a new one, you should use careful consideration when choosing the entity type for your business. There are many entity types to consider when deciding what entity will benefit your business the most. You may decide the most beneficial entity type would be a C Corporation […]

IRS agrees to new per diem business travel rates

Do you have employees that are traveling and having to document every expense while they travel? Perhaps you as a business owner are annoyed at reviewing this documentation every time your employees travel. There may be a way that you can simplify the way these expenses are reimbursed. In Notice 2023-68, the IRS announced the […]

What should businesses expect when the Department of Labor (DOL) conducts an audit of their benefits plan.

Benefit plans adhere to the regulations established by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which entail numerous rules and substantial documentation. A request could be received from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) for plan-related documents — commonly referred to as a “plan audit.” Here are the basic steps that a DOL plan audit […]