Thank You Co-Ops

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Rudler, PSC would like to thank our "busier" season co-ops from Northern Kentucky University, Thomas More University and University of Cincinnati!


We enjoyed having you this tax season and appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for all you do for Team Rudler!

Thank you new co-ops joining us this season:

  • Alyssa Monson, Thomas More University, Tax
  • Dominic Braun, Thomas More University, Tax
    “I’ve learned a lot this tax season, and the amount of progress I’ve made has been both humbling and inspiring. I am very grateful for my colleagues and all of the fine people at Rudler, everything I’ve learned over the past few months, and for the entire experience and the many opportunities to grow. I sincerely hope that I can work as a part of Rudler’s awesome team in the future!”
  • Janice Rotich, University of Cincinnati, Administrative
  • Katy Andrews, Northern Kentucky University, Assurance
  • Matthew Weil, Thomas More University, Information Technology
    “I have learned a lot about Power BI and data analytics from my time here at Rudler. I have enjoyed the people here the most! Everyone has been super welcoming and helpful my whole time here.”

Thank you co-ops returning from previous seasons:

  • Alex Kent, Northern Kentucky University, Tax
  • Austin Alwell, Northern Kentucky University, Tax
  • Grace Tepe, Northern Kentucky University, Tax
  • Jonathan Peul, Thomas More University, Tax
  • Kaylee Sandfoss, Northern Kentucky University, Tax
    “I’m glad that I got to come back to Rudler, PSC for another tax season. Once again everyone was welcoming, answered my questions, and helped me learn. I gained great experience!"

Special thanks to co-ops for staying on throughout the year:

  • Alex Kent, Northern Kentucky University
  • Alyssa Monson, Thomas More University
  • Austin Alwell, Northern Kentucky University
  • Grace Tepe, Northern Kentucky University
  • Jonathan Peul, Thomas More University
    We would like to officially welcome Jon to Team Rudler. He will be joining us full time as a Staff Accountant after graduation!
  • Katy Andrews, Northern Kentucky University
  • Matthew Weil, Thomas More University

These students do tremendous work to support our staff!