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A Message From Our President

At Rudler, we recently revisited our mission and vision statements. While the previous ones were good, they didn’t quite capture who we are today and the firm that we’re intentionally and actively becoming. We also want to ensure these clearly showcase what distinguishes us from other firms.

MISSION: At Rudler, we strive to deliver a passionate, innovative, and personalized approach to everything we do, by creating a culture where employees feel valued, by establishing trusted relationships with clients, and by committing to serve our community.

VISION: We are a CPA firm that prides ourselves on being a valued partner in the personal relationships we create with our team, clients and community now and in the future.

The new mission and vision statements aren’t just words to us. We practice these statements every single day in our work internally, and with our partners and clients.

As we grow, we want to continue to provide flexibility and infinite opportunities to our employees. We value the relationships we’ve built with employees, community partners and our clients. It’s these very relationships that allow us to navigate through turbulent times and celebrate success to the fullest.

Resetting like this was a great way to kick off planning for our future and provide everyone here with an opportunity to be part of what that roadmap looks like.


We recently held our annual strategic planning retreat, which included two full days of bonding and strategic planning for the future of Rudler. We were able to bring the entire staff together in person, from co-ops to the president of the firm to remote employees based in Texas and Florida.

One of my favorite parts of the retreat was hearing ideas from younger staff members. Once one person spoke up, it broke the ice and others joined in. We heard some incredible ideas that were shared during the larger session and break-out sessions. Our management team listened to these innovative ideas and plan to implement some of them in the coming months.

Seeing younger staff step up during strategic planning was incredible. However, they’ve already stepped up in the day-to-day activities of our office. Right now, we have some excellent opportunities for our staff to grow into different specialty areas to help us build out more customized service options. This sort of collaboration and “managing up” leads to forward-thinking ideas that create efficiencies, expand our competencies and push us all to look at things differently.

All this high-level thinking and ownership of new roles and responsibilities makes me incredibly optimistic and excited for the future of Rudler.


Rudler continues to grow! While businesses across the country continue to navigate through hiring issues, there are many ways we continue to excel at client service while searching for talent to expand for our needs. Part of our strategic planning sessions focused on creating more efficiencies to build capacity within the existing talents we have. We are fine-tuning our processes and thinking differently for the future.

In addition, we are redefining some roles and being more creative with responsibilities and tasks assigned. As all of this continues to happen behind-the-scenes, our focus on providing a consistently high level of service to our clients will not be impacted. That’s a promise that I am willing to make because it’s something the entire staff is committed to.

We continue to value our talent by offering up opportunities for professional development and growth. We seek input from employees at every level to find ways to show our appreciation for the team. From new apparel to staff lunches and time off at the end of tax season, we are focused on building from within to nurture our Rudler family ensuring our team continues to exceed expectations.


From the national and local news to the regional business community, all eyes are on the future of our country’s financial stability. Are we headed into another recession and if so, how can we prepare for it?

Typically, trends around recessions mean layoffs and hiring freezes. However, the current unemployment rate is still low and, while the Great Resignation has slowed, it has not entirely come to a halt. This continues to create challenges for many of our clients.

Talking with clients about how they can prepare and navigate through these unusual financial circumstances often requires very honest and transparent conversations. We wouldn’t be able to do this without the strong relationships we’ve built with clients over the years. They know that we always have their best interest in mind. Some things we’ve discussed with clients include the impacts of inflation and fuel prices as well as how to pivot processes or leverage our team to supplement talent shortages within their organizations so the business isn’t taking the brunt of the financial burden.

No matter what’s in store for us in the coming months and years, one thing is certain: our mission to delivering a passionate, innovative and personalized approach to everything we do won’t ever change. We look forward to what the future holds and to continuing to work together towards success through the remainder of the year.