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A Message From Our President

This year, our leadership team has been working to update our mission and vision statement to better encapsulate who Rudler is and highlight what makes us stand out from other accounting firms. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s been a bit of a challenge. Not because we don’t know who we are or where we’re going, but because it’s hard to put into words what is only easily experienced by working for or with us directly.

Accounting firms, and other businesses in general, tout their culture. However, it’s our people who truly make this a unique and desirable place to work with and for. Our amazing staff always go above and beyond to help out each other, our clients and our community and that’s what differentiates us from the pack. It’s also what make us a top place to work and a hard place to say goodbye to.


I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank Mike Lenihan for the time he has spent at Rudler and the lasting impact he has made on me personally and the firm as a whole. Mike led with integrity, honesty and a sense of humor that will be deeply missed, His retirement is one we’ve prepared for over the last several years but that doesn’t make the goodbye any easier. It’s a bittersweet time because, while we are sad to see him go, we have planned for this for years to make such a big transition as smooth as possible.

Change is always around the corner at Rudler, whether it’s because someone is retiring, or a new tax law has passed. This constant change has presented the opportunity for other employees to step up and fill some very large shoes. I am incredibly proud of how so many of our staff have stepped up to the plate, jumping into new roles and taking on more responsibility to help us navigate through this next phase of the firm.

This bodes well for the future of Rudler. It means we have the right people in the right positions to make Rudler successful for years to come. So, thank you, Mike, for your leadership and guidance.


So, what is in store for Rudler? Step one, finding the right people to complement our clients, services and outstanding culture. Rudler has not been immune to the hiring challenges many industries are currently facing. Our focus will be on recruiting top talent and utilizing the right technology we need to lessen the burden on our staff. We have always prided ourselves on our work/life balance and flexibility and want to ensure that we continue to offer an excellent work environment as we grow our business.

Everyone at Rudler has a path and is allowed to grow at their own pace. We try to leverage individual’s strengths and interests to put them in the best position to be successful. When our team is passionate about what they do, they do better work. When they do better work, our clients stay for the long-haul.


Rudler strives to be an extension of our clients’ teams, and one way we do that is by thinking outside the box and looking for innovative technology and community partners that help us streamline processes and create efficiencies. For us, it’s about doing what’s right and fostering relationships strong enough to withstand tough conversations because when we challenge each other, that’s when we get the best results.

We know our strengths, and we know our weaknesses. We will never tell a client we can do something when we know it’s not a specialty for us. Instead, we tap into our strategic community partners to give our clients the best possible service.

Whether it’s finding more efficient technological solutions for data-entry or findings new strategic partnerships, Rudler is always evolving to find the best path forward for success as the world around us continues to change at a rapid pace. Having the best employees and clients certainly puts the firm in a wonderful position to deal with the only certainty the future brings: uncertainty.