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A Message From Our President

Looking back at the past year, it amazes me to see how far we have come as a firm – but it doesn’t surprise me.

In 2022, Rudler added more new team members than we have in previous years. These new additions are excellent complements to the already incredible talent we have in place. We have seen more involvement in strategy, planning and leadership from team members at all levels within the organization.

This buy-in from within the organization provides us with a unique opportunity to build a roadmap together for the future direction of this firm. In fact, we recently updated our mission and vision statements to encapsulate who Rudler is today and communicate who we want to be in the future.

While it can be difficult to imagine topping a year like that, I’m confident that this team will continue to provide the excellent client service that we are known for. They’ll do that through building new partnerships, nurturing business relationships and navigating the potentially choppy waters we may have ahead.


As 2022 ends, the most frequent questions we’re receiving from clients are regarding an impending recession and navigating through inflation.

The challenge is, that we are in a unique situation as a nation. You turn on the news and one economist might be telling you we are already in a recession, while another may say inflation will be coming down soon. Still, others are saying a recession is still on the horizon for 2023 and 2024. With so many conflicting answers, how can our clients weather a potential financial storm? Monitoring the key indicators and being prepared for any financial future that may be ahead.

Tax season is on the horizon and this year we are expecting a more traditional, pre-pandemic tax season. Tax rates remain steady, and we have a solid team in place, ready to serve our clients.


As we say goodbye to 2022, we also said goodbye to several long-term employees. Jeff Jones, CPA and Shareholder spent 43 years helping to build our firm into what it is today. Over her 46-year tenure, Susan Kennedy, Accounts Receivable, contributed to the excellent client service people have come to expect from Rudler. We wish them both a happy retirement and continued success in their future endeavors.

While it’s hard to say goodbye, it’s also a wonderful opportunity for others to step up. In fact, I would like to congratulate John Wood, CPA, CVA and Melanie Smart, CPA, who have been named Shareholders effective January 1, 2023. I couldn’t be prouder for them both and look forward to seeing them continue to transition into their new roles.

In addition to adding long-time Rudler team members to leadership, we look forward to ensuring the whole team is well versed in the culture that makes us one of the best firms to work for. We are focused on organized training programs for employees to support them in their roles and provide opportunities for their unique paths to growth.

This year, we provided team members with internal trainings, as well as access to regional and national conferences and seminars to bring home new learnings.


I am hopeful to see where Rudler is headed as we add to leadership and shift internal structures to involve more staff in client interactions and opportunities for professional growth. The Rudler team has really come together to envision the future they want to see, and I’m eager to watch it come to fruition.

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season with friends and family. Cheers to a prosperous New Year. We look forward to a bright future here at Rudler in 2023 and beyond.