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Chris Guidugli, CPA
operational and compliance requirements.
valuable insight about your plan’s
Through an audit, we can provide

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Working with Rudler

Rudler, PSC performs numerous audits across a variety of benefit plans every year, so you gain our knowledge plus the efficiency and attention of a mid-sized independent public accounting firm. Because of our firm’s size, you will have the same experienced auditing team, each year, which mean you won’t have to train a new auditor every year on your benefit plan and organization. Due to our experience and investment in technology, our firm can also perform the same quality audit as a larger firm with a competitive fee, due to fewer overhead costs. Rudler has a dedicated team and membership to the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, an industry standard for top employee benefit plan auditors. Ongoing training ensures that our auditors can inform you of legislative changes and other information vital to proper plan administration throughout the year, including filing deadlines and compliance.

We truly see ourselves as an extension of your team. Not only do we want to provide you with a high quality audit, we also want to provide added value to you and your organization. We regularly advise our clients on how to improve their internal controls related to employee benefit plan, and also their organization as a whole. We have helped employers through the processes of determining if they should make changes to their benefit plan in order to accomplish their goals. We are always on call to make sure our clients are compliant and have the answers they need as a plan sponsor.

We understand that you have a job to perform as well, so we try to be as unobtrusive as possible during the audit processes. We achieve this by leveraging your existing technology and other  services to minimize the information we need to obtain from you. You don’t need to switch CPA firms to perform a benefit audit – simply contact us to discuss your employee benefit plan audit  needs and we’ll guide you through the process.

Experience →

We have established an Employee Benefit Plan Audit Group specialized in retirement plans providing numerous audits across a variety of benefit plans.

Efficiencies →

We have implemented lean processes utilizing latest technologies and dedicated knowledgeable professionals to perform audits efficiently with minimal disruption on the employer.


Membership ensures we keep you informed of legislative changes and other information vital to proper plan administration throughout the year, while mitigating risk.

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