Let’s prepare your small to midsized business for artificial intelligence, that way when the machines take over the (business) world, you aren’t left behind.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quite the buzzword these days and you might think that AI is only going to impact large businesses for the foreseeable future. Well, buckle up because you are getting on this ride whether you like it or not! Small to midsized businesses (SMB) need to be ready, sooner rather than later.

Are you involved in the high stakes, cutthroat world of mutual fund investing? Well Mr. Dan Bilzerian, buckle in and let’s chat about the tax implications.

Do you currently or have you thought about investing in mutual funds? According to the Investment Company Institute, a survey found 58.7 million households owned mutual funds in mid-2020. But despite their popularity, the tax rules involved in selling mutual fund shares can be complex.   What are the basic tax rules? Let’s say you […]

Is your business undergoing an audit for pay equity?

While it is required by law and a good business practice to have – maintaining equitable earnings to employees executing the same or similar jobs isn’t easy given differences in tenure and experience for each employee. However, it is important that companies should consider initiating a pay equity audit to determine if their compensation philosophy […]


Many businesses offer their employees help with challenges, such as: substance dependence, financial planning, legal issues, and mental health issues. Some of these options can be considered is an employee assistance program (EAP). When considering an EAP, many business owners eventually ask a common question: Will the program be subject to the Employee Retirement Income […]

Renting Out Vacation Property

Many individuals own a vacation property, and contemplate renting it out for the time period in which it is not being used. The tax treatment depends on how many days it’s rented and your level of personal use. Personal use includes vacation use by your relatives (even if you charge them market rate rent) and […]