Everyone Matters

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A Different Kind

of Accounting Firm

Everyone matters.

At Rudler, that is a belief that is central to everything we do, both in terms of how we treat and serve our clients and staff.

Engagement Committee
Our Engagement Committee members (new, veteran and co-op) plan a variety of in-person and virtual events to make employees feel engaged in all aspects of Rudler. In addition to planning events, they are finding ways to keep remote staff engaged and to make people want to come into the office more.  

The committee's most recent initiative is the Rudler Book Club focused on professional books to help team members develop as individuals in the workplace and to become better leaders, team players, communicators, more organized and efficient.

The committee works hard to keep morale high on long workdays and make the busy season enjoyable. Each year the group hosts a variety of contests, like BINGO and awards winners with gift cards. In addition, get-togethers are held to celebrate life events such as weddings and baby showers. They also host pop-up events like coffee bars and ice cream socials, Cincinnati Reds Opening Day and ticket raffle, firm lunches, end-of-tax season and summer picnic celebrations for employees, and family fun days throughout the year.

Be sure to check out our most recent events!

Women's Initiative Committee
Recognizing that more than 50% percent of our staff identify as female, our newly created Women’s Initiative Committee is focused on a culture that promotes and supports our women at all stages of their careers. It is the vision of the committee to have a well rounded firm full of equal opportunities and full inclusivity among all.

A look at the contributions of our female team members reveals why championing their achievements is so important to every aspect of our culture. These highlights include:

  • Strong representation in our leadership
  • Serve a variety of professional organizations
  • Nearly 80% have professional designations
  • Serve a variety of community organizations

Rudler’s work culture strives to be competitive within its industry, which is why our firm has taken several measures to ensure women know they are a valued part of our team. These include:

  • Valuing work/life balance
    • People are much more productive at work if they are able to be happy at home as well.
  • Hybrid work flexibility
    • With employees in several states, Rudler works with employees to create schedules that enable them to work where they are most productive while maintaining their job responsibilities and caring for family.
  • Maternity leave and post-partum care
    • In addition to maternity leave, Rudler’s female employees are allotted time out of the workday to pump and breastfeed when necessary to ensure the mother/child bond is not interrupted.

At Rudler, respect is not just a buzzword, it’s a core value. While each employee is independently empowered to execute their work, providing them with an environment where they know they are seen, heard and respected is just as vital as their credentials. In doing so, we strive to not only produce the best work for clients but also create a work environment that our team members are proud to be a part of.